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List of Interviews
Developer/CTA Interview Date  
George Pruitt Feb, 2020  Author, Trading System Developer 
Marko Grcic Jan, 2020  System Developer, Trader 
Samuel K. Tennis Oct, 2019  Founder Vista-Research 
Vadim Epstein Sep, 2019  Founder and CEO, 
Philip Gotthelf Jun, 2019  Publisher COMMODEX, Inc 
Dominik Jaretzke May, 2019  System Developer, Mull Capital 
Robert Spears and Brian Miller Apr, 2019  System Developers, Optimized Trading LLC  
Marek Chrastina Mar, 2019  System Developer, Quantum Financial -  
Petr Kominek Feb, 2019  System Developer, 
Kevin Davey Jan, 2019  System Developer, Author, Educator 
Gary Hart Dec, 2018  System Developer, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with CFTC 
Gerald Chapman Aug, 2018  Sequential Charting, and U.S. patent holder 
Murray A. Ruggiero, Jr. Jun, 2018  Consultant: Tuttle Tactical Management / Vice President: R&D Trades Studio Inc  
David Bean Feb, 2018  System Developer 
Michael Grech Nov, 2017  Quantopolis Investment Technologies, Owner 
John Johnson May, 2017  System Developer 
Robert Spears and Brian Miller Mar, 2017  Partners, Optimized Trading LLC  
Pareto Dec, 2016  Developer, Pareto Diversified (as shown on Striker's website) 
Thomas Stridsman Oct, 2016  Author, "Trading Systems that Work", and "Trade Systems and Money Management".  
Brian Mehta Dec, 2015  Chief Marketing Officer, Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) 
Thomas Register Dec, 2015  Principal, 
Donald W. Pendergast Jr. Nov, 2015  Founder, 
Tomas Nesnidal Aug, 2015  Founder, Systems on the Road 
Frank Pusateri Aug, 2015  President, CTA EXPO, LLC 
Lincoln B. Fiske Jr. Jul, 2015  Founder, TradingVisions, Inc. 
Don Wolf May, 2015  System Developer 
Don Wolf Mar, 2015  System Developer 
Robin Gray Feb, 2015  System Developer 
Earl J. Swan III Jan, 2015  Director of Sales and Marketing of 
Murray A. Ruggiero, Jr. Dec, 2014  Chief System Designer and Market Analyst Tuttle Tactical Management Stamford Connecticut 
Mark P. Fahimi Nov, 2014  President, Trade Like Pros LLC. 
David Flores Nov, 2014  President, Corestar Technologies, Inc. 
Aaron Capps Oct, 2014  Founder, Systematic Signals 
Paul Priestley Oct, 2014  Diffusion Trading System 
David T. Register Jul, 2014  Founder, ExitPoints.Com 
Bob Swarup Jul, 2014  Author, "Money Mania: Booms, Panics and Busts from Ancient Rome to the Great Meltdown" 
Lincoln B. Fiske Jr. Jun, 2014  Founder, TradingVisions, Inc. 
Bucky Isaacson Apr, 2014  Founder, CTA Expo 
Paul Priestley Mar, 2014  System Developer 
Chris Degiere Feb, 2014  Founder of Trading Technicians 
Sean Kozak Feb, 2014  Director of Business Development, SharkIndicators 
Bucky Isaacson Sep, 2013  Founder, CTA Expo 
Murray Ruggiero Jr. Aug, 2013  Vice President of Research and Development 
John Needham Jul, 2013  Founder of Danielcode 
Tom Leeson Feb, 2013  Founder and Managing Director MicroTrends Ltd. 
Vadim Epstein Dec, 2012  Emet-Trading Solutions 
Jim Choi Aug, 2012  President of BLASHnet Inc. 
Samuel K. Tennis May, 2012  Founder of Vista-Research 
Frank Pusateri Oct, 2011  Founder, CTA Expo LLC. 
Michael Dever Sep, 2011  Founder/CEO Brandywine Asset Management, Inc. 
Ronnie Lott Aug, 2011  Founder and Chairman of All Stars Helping Kids 
Dean Hoffman Mar, 2011  President, Hoffman Asset Management 
Yasuo Mogi Mar, 2011  President, Mogi Associates, Japan 
John C. Jensen Jan, 2011  President, Membership Chairman of National Introducing Brokers Association 
Bucky Isaacson Dec, 2010  President, Futures Funding Consultants Inc. (NFA 1974) 
Frank Pusateri Sep, 2010  President, Adirondack Portfolio Management, Inc  
John C. Needham Aug, 2010  Author, market analyst, and owner of DanielCode Online 
Stew Bishop Feb, 2010  President of 
Thomas Stridsman Sep, 2009  Author of "Trading Systems and Money Management" 
Michael Covel Sep, 2009  Author, Film director, Educator 
Frank Pusateri Jul, 2009  President, Adirondack Portfolio Management, Inc (NFA 292949) 
Tim Rea Apr, 2009  Owner, Auto Trading Systems 
Jake Levant Mar, 2009  VP, Strategy Runner (US) Limited 
John F. Ehlers Dec, 2008  President of Mesa Software, Inc. 
Morgan Tuck Sep, 2008  Founder, SystematicSignals 
Shane Stiles Feb, 2008  President, gate39media 
Dr. Emini Jan, 2008  System Developer, CA Systems Trading 
Charlie Wright 2 Dec, 2007  Chairman, Fall River Capital LLC (NFA 298790) 
Dean P. Hoffman Oct, 2007  President of Strategic Trading Systems, Inc. 
Lincoln B. Fiske Jr. Jul, 2007  Founder, TradingVisions Systems, Inc. 
Keith Fitschen Jun, 2007  President, Tradesystem, Inc. 
John F. Ehlers Mar, 2007  Presitent, Mesa Software, Inc. 
Jack Cahn, CMT Mar, 2007  Chairman, Creative Breakthrough, Inc. 
Jay Feuerstein Mar, 2007  President, Xenon Capital Management LLC (NFA 307932) 
Frank Pusateri Feb, 2007  President, Adirondack Portfolio Management, Inc (NFA 292949) 
Charlie Wright Feb, 2007  Chairman, Fall River Capital LLC (NFA 298790) 
Peter Zwag Jan, 2007  President of TradeMaid Systems 
John F. Ehlers Nov, 2006  President of Mesa Software, Inc.  
Jack Telford Oct, 2006  Founder/President of Mariner Futures 
Takaiku Nishimura Aug, 2006  President West Village Investment Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan  
Thomas Stridsman May, 2006  Author and Trading System Developer from Vasteras, Sweden 
Dean P. Hoffman May, 2006  President of Hoffman Asset Management, Inc. and Strategic Trading Systems, Inc.  
Foo-Shiung Ho, Ph.D. Mar, 2006  President of Taiwan Futures Exchange  
Lincoln B. Fiske Jr. Jan, 2006  President of TradingVisions Systems, Inc. 
Keith Fitchen Nov, 2005  President of TradeSystem, Inc. 
Alan Pryor Aug, 2005  Founder/President of 
Chuck LeBeau Aug, 2005  Founder of System Traders Club 
David Fox Aug, 2005  Developer of Dollar Trader 
Mike Barna Aug, 2005  Founder of Aaron Asset Management, LLC 
Dean Hoffman Jul, 2005  Founder of Strategic Trading Systems, Inc 
Jack Telford Mar, 2005  Founder/President of Mariner Futures  
Ken Morin Oct, 2004  Ken Morin Consulting Inc. 
Lincoln B. Fiske Jr. Oct, 2004  President of TradingVisions Systems, Inc. 
Rickey Cheung Aug, 2004  RC Systems 
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